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Mike Pickering at The Vortex, London, in 2016, photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Mike Pickering during the Billy@60 tribute night at The Vortex in London, July 2016. Photographed by Beowulf Mayfield.

A stick in the wheel

One technique that is a constant in Billy's music is the "stick in the wheel". One method might be use a skilled musician playing an unfamiliar instrument, another approach is to have two drummers using stick and drum kits. Beowulf Mayfield asks drummer Mike Pickering how he approached - and whether he enjoyed - playing alongside another drummer...

Series Three, Episode Three: Sidecar Drumming with Mike Pickering

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Club Credits

The Billy Jenkins Listening Club webcast is presented by creative photographer and former jazz columnist Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield, pictured above.

Drummer Mike Pickering was part of the "holy trinity" rhythm section at the core of Billy's Blues Collective. After driving and jetting around many parts of the world, he's got plans to use his feet more by leading a marching band...

The music played in this episode is My Waters Run Clear on the 2002 VOTP album LIFE.

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