The Links Page

Links pages used to be a staple for just about every website in the early days of the internet. They've died off a bit in recent years but I still believe a links page contributes something to the web community.

In no particular order for the time being...

Billy Jenkins: South London-based guitarist and composer

Jo Stephenson: Singer, ukulele player and writer of wickedly funny songs

Mark Lockheart: South London-based saxophonist and composer

Loz Speyer: Trumpet player and composer

Huw Warren: Pianist and composer

Eddie Parker: Flute player and composer

Chris Batchelor: Trumpet player and composer

The Vortex: Jazz club in Dalston, East London

606 Club: Jazz, Latin and R&B club in Chelsea, London

Glen Bexter: Personal website of one of my favourite cartoonists

Ky Lewis: South London-based art photographer and teacher specialising in analogue styles

Mr Cad: Aladdin's Cave for photographic equipment and font of photographic knowledge in central London

Analogue Wonderland: Online film processing service and seller of interesting photographic film

Clocktower Cameras: Very friendly supplier of photographic equipment in Brighton

Zoingimage: Supplier of ultra-hip Lomography-related products in Brighton

Austin Kleon: Website of a very interesting "writer who draws" - a maker of zines, collage and writer of inspiring books