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Martin France with road map. Photography by Beowulf Mayfield

Well-travelled drummer Martin France checks the route and keeps on smiling...

Musical miles...

It's the first episode of Series Four and we've covered a lot of ground so far, but that's peanuts compared to the travelling drummer Martin France got up to during 1993...

In this episode Billy and Beowulf ponder on the back-straining mileage Martin and his drum kit put in that year... But, as Billy points out, that's what drummers do.

Series Four, Episode One: Commuting

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Club Credits

Beowulf Mayfield looking lost at a London bus stop

The Billy Jenkins Listening Club webcast is presented by creative photographer and former jazz columnist Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield, pictured above wondering how the hell he's going to get home from a remote SE4 bus stop. Photo by Billy Jenkins.

The music played in this episode is Commuting from Uncommerciality Vol 3.

Hear the album on Spotify.

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