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Billy Jenkins faces Judge Beowulf Mayfield in the Court of Serious. Cut outs and photography by Beowulf Mayfield

Billy Jenkins faces the Court of Serious. Fearsome Judge Mayfield presides...

In Defence Of Music...

Being a creative musician can lead to trouble. Disgruntled concert-goers demand their money back, critics frostily dismiss performances and recordings that fail to conform to their expert definitions of "Jazz", others may complain that the music isn't being treated with the gravitas that the "serious" listener is surely entitled to expect. So what has Billy got to say when presented with these accusations? He's not exactly breaking the law but some sort of apology might be in order, wouldn't you think?

Series Three, Episode Six: Isn't It A Great World We Live In

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Club Credits

The Billy Jenkins Listening Club webcast is presented by creative photographer and former jazz columnist Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield, pictured above.

The music played in this episode is Isn't It A Great World We Live In from Uncommerciality Vol 2.

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